Wooden Feet for Cutting Board

You may have used various wooden cutting boards in the kitchen, but have you ever thought of placing them? If you want to know and use that, you can have wooden feet for cutting board in different shapes.

I always prefer using the feet because it helps me balance the cutting board and prevents interruption while chopping or slicing anything. However, it is pretty straightforward to place the feet below the cutting board; I learned the whole process from my mom.

Wooden Feet for Cutting Board

Let’s start knowing about cutting board wooden feet briefly; that would be helpful, of course.

What Do Wooden Feet Do and How Should You Use Them?

Wooden feet are perfect for holding the cutter board in a specific position; the feet have holes that can get attached to the four corners. You can compare it with a table; anyway, it can help in many ways:

For instance, it keeps the knife away from the main table; as a result, the item prevents any scratch on your workplace.

Moreover, the feet help keep balance while cutting a thing and avoiding any unwanted spoilage of food.

Wooden feet for cutting board can also prevent accidents while processing food, such as having cuts on hands.

Therefore, you can say that wooden feet are a chef’s allies and you must use them while using a cutting board. Let’s see now how to set wooden feet on a cutting board.

  • If the cutting board you have has no holes, you will need a drill machine to do that. On the contrary, you must check what type of wooden feet you have bought.
  • The feet you got for the board may have holes; you will need some items to stick them together; on the other hand, you must measure the length if the legs have some height and radius.
  • It would be better to measure the size and brushing oil before doing anything; you can also pick a pencil to mark the spot in advance.
  • However, after putting oil and marking, you must start drilling all corners in the same, desired size.
  • Lastly, you will have to install the wooden feet on a cutting board tightly and adequately; you’re all set to cut anything now.

The steps showed how easy installing a wooden foot is, and you can do it yourself if you have taken the necessary safety measures.

Best Seller Feet for Cutting Board ( Up to Date )

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Which Woods Are Good for Making Feet for Cutting Boards?

You have to find strong woods to make legs for cutting boards because they have to carry the load of both board and food items. If you check the products in the market, you will see the priority of cherry woods and then ash, acacia, and bamboo in serial.

However, if you don’t want wooden support, you can get those made of rubber or other materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Make Wooden Feet at Home?

If you have enough woods, screw, drill machine, and glue at home, you can prepare wooden feet for a cutting board sitting at your residence.

Which Is the Appropriate Grit Range to Install Wooden Feet?

180 to 220 grit will be the perfect size range no matter which wooden cutting board; that is the appropriate range.


You can easily select and install wooden feet for cutting board if you read the article attentively; moreover, you can do your household or semi-professional work in the kitchen.

Please be careful while using all equipment, including cutting boards, feet, and knives, because one moment’s ignorance can cause great harm.

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